F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S 


“Do you do try ons?”

  • Yes, try ons are available by appointment requests at our house in Epsom. They run for 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how many garments you want to try on, and how many people are coming to the appointment. It is crucial when you email us (hiretheattire@gmail.com) requesting a try on that you list the garments you're interested in trying on in the colour and size (if applicable) as we will book your fitting based off when all (or most) of the garments you want to try on will be here/available. Postal try ons are not available under no circumstance. For more information on try ons please refer to our 'Try Ons' page in the main menu sidebar. 



"Is this item available on this date..?"

  • To check the availability of any item, simply go into the product page for the item you are wanting to book and check the calendar for availability and to book. If the date is blacked out and you cannot select it, this means the item is booked. If you can select the date and continue to check out, this means it's available for you to book. 



“How much is postage?” 

  • We offer $15 flat rate courier NZ wide ($20 for Saturday courier, please only select this option if you're placing an order Thursday after 2PM onwards), this includes overnight courier to you and a pre addressed return bag to us for you to place your rental into the day after your event and hand over the counter at your nearest post shop.



“Do you do pick ups?”

  • Pick ups are available from Epsom or the University of Auckland, and are free of charge. Just select “Pick up in Central AKL” at the check-out when making your booking. If you select the pick up option, you are 100% liable for returning the dress yourself by the next business day following your event date. This can either be done by organizing a time to drop off in Epsom to us, or by returning it via overnight tracked courier through NZ Post. 



When will my rental arrive?”

  • We endeavour to get all garments to their rentals at least 1-2 days before your events. For Saturday rentals garments are usually posted on Wednesday’s after they have been cleaned and prepped after the preceding weekend’s rental so that they arrive to you in the best condition.



"Do you do extended rentals?"

  • Yes we do, for more information on extended rentals and pricing of rentals lasting longer than 1 weekend (or 5 days) please email us (hiretheattire@gmail.com).


 "Do you post to Australia?" 

  • Yes. However, this is only on selected garments and selected cities in Australia with an extra surcharge of $30 on top of the listed rental fee. Post rates also vary. Please contact us before booking.


"Do you allow people to take garments on holiday/out of the country?"

  • Yes, however only on certain garments. Certain terms and conditions apply to this, and pricing will change based on the length of your holiday and certain assurances, please refer to the above information on extended rentals and ensure you organise this with us before booking.



“What happens if I don’t wear the garment or it doesn’t fit? Will I get a refund?”

  • Refunds are only given if the garment does not arrive due to a fault in the postal system not delivering on time, or on the very rare chance the garment arrives damaged and unwearable (refer to Rental Policy and Rental Agreement for more information on this). If for any reason you do not end up wearing the garment you hired you will not receive a refund, if it does not fit you will not receive a refund either. We are happy to offer measurements of garments, size guidance and photos on if requested by you. 



“If I book a rental and then need to cancel will I get a refund?”

  • If you no longer require a rental or change your mind you will not receive a refund, this is assessed on a case by case basis however, refer to the Rental Policy and Rental agreement for more information on refunds.


"If I don't wear the garment or it doesn't fit, can I exchange the item or get a store credit?"

  • Store credits vary on a case by case basis. If you received the item and contacted us (hiretheattire@gmail.com) immediately upon delivery stating you would like to exchange this item, it is more than likely possible, you will be liable for an extra courier fee and will need to drop the current rental at your local post shop in the provided pre-paid courier bag on the same day. OR drop the rental at your local post shop in the provided pre-paid courier bag on the same day in exchange for a store credit minus courier fees. 

Please note - this is in most cases, and does not in any way mean that this will also apply to every case applicable. 

 "I booked this garment however, am no longer attending the event, am I able to get a store credit?" 

  • Store credits vary on a case by case basis. Depending on how far out your selected event date is will determine the result of this question. 


“Do I have to clean it before returning?”

  • No, all cleaning and dry cleaning is taken care of by us and standard cleaning is included in the cost of your rental. All you have to do is pop it in your return bag and post it back to us the day after your event and the rest is taken care of. 

Please note, anything including but not limited to: stains, rips, tears, stretching, pulling, will incur an extra cost on top of the rental fee. This tends to be $10-50, but if the garment is unable to be repaired to the original condition, it will need to be replaced at your expense. Renting an item through our website means that you agree to cover the cost of repairing any damage, or replacing any item, that you have rented.