Rental Agreement

1.0 Introduction

Please read this Rental Agreement in full before entering or using any part of our website. By entering or using any part of “”, you agree to be bound by this Rental Agreement, our Hire Policy and also our Terms and Conditions. If you in anyway do not agree to our Rental Agreement, Hire Policy and Terms and Conditions or feel unsatisfied by our terms, we reserve the right to decline your business and you may not in any way use our services. 


This Rental Agreement is a legally binding agreement between you(the renter/borrower of the clothing) and Hire the Attire Limited. The agreement is established by us; you use the services that we provide; you order our garments for a fee specified on our website at 



1.1 Payments

Payments for rentals/orders will be made through our website, Payments are to be made immediately after your booking to secure the date selected. We provide two different payment options, 1. Bank transfer - This payment for the rental/order must be made after the order and cleared into our bank account provided within 24 hours of booking or we reserve the right to cancel the order immediately without warning, Hire the Attire Limited reserves to release the garments until the funds have cleared into our account. 2. PayPal. 

We understand that circumstances can change when renting however, there is a lot of preparation for renting which must be done before we send any items out, these include, but are not limited to, dry cleaning (depending on the item can take a few days), waiting for the previous renter to return the item and keeping a close eye on tracking to ensure the garment gets back to us with enough time to clean and then post the item out to you(the new renter/borrower) to ensure that the item arrives to you in great condition.


However, because some rentals are booked far in advance you may be able to receive a full or partial refund, depending on when your rental date is. Please note that cancellations with less than 7 days until your rental date are non-refundable under no circumstance. Once an item has been posted and you no longer require it, there will be no refunds under any circumstance. To request more information regarding the dates and the amount of refund you are entitled to, please email or alternately contact us on our Facebook page 


1.2 Shipping/delivery/return

Rentals will be posted Monday through to Wednesday. 

Any orders placed Wednesday night to ship on the following Thursday means that if the item does not arrive to you in time for your selected event date - there will be no refunds. As this is a risk you're taking yourself as it is not our recommended shipping date due to any third party delays. We will provide you with a tracking number and you will be liable to ring Courier Post (0800 268 743) to get updates and lodge an enquiry on this item to make sure it is delivered in time. We, Hire the Attire Limited, will in no way be held liable or responsible for an order that is placed on Wednesday night to be shipped on Thursday. 

We use Courier Post, and use overnight tracked shipping only. Saturday delivery is at the risk of the renter/borrower (you) and will also cost an extra $5 fee. 

Postage costs are to be paid by you (the renter) and this is $15.00 for the all of garments. All garments will come with a prepaid return postage bag and also details on when to post the dress back by (any items that are not posted back to us by the specified date will be in breaking the terms of this contract)

Tracking details will be provided to you once we have sent the garment.

Rentals are to be returned in the prepaid postage bag provided, and to be sent the next business day after your event. (Example: If you rented a dress out for Wednesday night being your event date, you will be required and liable to return the garment in the pre-paid courier bag at your local post shop on Thursday. If you rented a dress out for Friday or Saturday night being your event date, you will be required and liable to return the garment in the pre-paid courier bag at your local post shop on Monday.)


1.3 Pick up and drop off

You are able to pick up & drop off rental items. We are based in Epsom - pick ups in the CBD can also be arranged dependant on time. Following this, all dresses must be dropped off/posted back to our address in Epsom at an agreed upon time. We are not liable for picking up the dress from you. Please do not select the pick up option if you have no means of returning the item to the same address.

If you require us to drop off or pick up the garment, this will cost between $10 - $20 depending on the location within Auckland.

If you are dropping the item back to us, we require the item to be returned within two working days. Failure to do so will result in a $20.00 penalty per day the item is not returned. This will be strictly enforced by our debt collection agency.


1.4 Refunds

A refund will not be provided if the garment does not fit correctly or ‘look right’ on you. If you are unsure on sizing, style, fit, please contact us beforehand as we do not refund if the garment does not fit. Measurements and more photos can be sent on request.

Refunds will be given for a fault in the postal system not delivering the item on time (unless it is in compliance with Section 1.2 and you the borrower/renter placed a late order) . We aim to send of our garments with plenty of time to arrive, and with all the correct postal stickers to ensure that they do arrive on time; it is possible however for there to be a delay, in which case a full refund (excluding postage cost) will be applied (unless it is in compliance with Section 1.2 and you the borrower/renter placed a late order).

A refund will be given if the garment(s) arrive damaged i.e. stained, torn, ripped. This is very unlikely as all of our garments are checked before being sent. Photo evidence of the damage will be required the same day the item arrives, this photo must be timestamped and any communication later than 24 hours will mean that you are liable for the damage and will be required to pay a fee dependant on the condition of this damage. 

If it has been 24 hours since the parcel has arrived, we will assume you are satisfied with the garment and no refunds will be issued. 


1.5 Cleaning

We will wash the garments on return, and treat any marks or stains appropriately. If washing does not remove the marks/stains and dry cleaning is required, you (the renter) are responsible to pay for this (Fees are stated in our Hire Policy). The amount will be discussed on a case by case basis.


1.6 Damage

Anything including but not limited to: stains, rips, tears, stretching, pulling, burns, etc, will incur an extra cost on top of the rental fee. This tends to be $10-50, but if the garment is unable to be repaired to the original condition, it will need to be replaced at your expense. Renting an item through our website means that you agree to cover the cost of repairing any damage, or replacing any item, that you have rented. In the case of a failure to pay these costs, we reserve the right to forward any debts you may incur onto our chosen debt collection agency.

In the rare circumstance that an item has been sent to you and you deem there is pre-existing damage to the dress, you must send photos of said damage to within 24 hours of receiving the dress, or you will be liable to pay for any damage visible on the garment once it is received back to us.


1.7 Try ons

Fittings are available in Epsom dependant on our personal availability, as there are two admins that own different garments, and therefore our garments are in two separate locations. Bookings are essential. We can be contacted for a fitting via email at Try-ons/fitting are only available for certain periods of the year. Try-on's are less frequently available over heavy exam & assignment periods. We will endeavour to reply to any try on enquiries within 48 hours. We do not own a retail store - all try on's are conducted in our personal homes, therefore ask you to help keep our personal information safe by not sharing our address, phone numbers or available try on times. If you are bringing guests we would appreciate if you could inform us ahead of your try on time. Hire the Attire reserves the right to refuse fittings/try-ons at any time. 


 1.8 Other

You agree that any photos you send of yourself in our clothing may appear on our Facebook, Instagram or on